Two days, two letters

When I first got into calligraphy I didn’t focus on doing any type of drills to improve my penmanship. Something this time has changed. I think part of it is documenting my process. It’s easy to let time pass and not ‘see’ any improvement which then can lead to less motivation. Yesterday, I chose to work on the minuscules ‘d’ and ‘g’ and had a really tough time getting the proportions right. So, the next day I tried again. The image below is a side by side comparison of the two.



NIB: Nikko G

Day 1 (Left): Main challenge throughout the exercise was creating consistent strokes and decent looking proportions.

Day 2 (Right): Proportions were a bit better and I was able to find a steady rhythm. Consistent strokes and letterforms are still and issue, but there’s noticeable improvement between the two days.

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