A sheet full of i’s.

My Arm. My elbow. OMG. I have no idea why my arm usually ends up hurting while practicing. It’s probably due to bad form. I should look into that.

Today’s focus was to get a full sheet of i’s. Doing an entire sheet of a single letter is monotonous, however I love seeing the end result #worthit. My favorite part of the exercise is when you get a perfect to letter spill out from the nib… now I just need to figure out how to repeat that for each repetition.


After I celebrated completing a full sheet, I moved on to practicing my favorite letter. E’s are wonderful and fun to write, the proportions are absolutely beautiful ❤ This was my first time using the walnut ink and hunt nib on the marker pad and I couldn’t wait to see the combination of these three elements. There was absolutely no snagging on the paper and the nib/ink easily glides on the page. More importantly, the dry time is about the same as the Rhodia Pad—which is great because I have no patience for ink to dry.


I kept this exercise fun and less structured. At this point my hands were cold and stiff but it didn’t matter. I was able to convince my fiancé to turn up the thermostat, so by then end of the page they were warming up and I was able to get some more fluid motion.

Paper: 8.25×11″  Rhodia Ruled Pad & 9×12″ Canson Marker Paper
Nib: Hunt Imperial
Ink: Tom Norton’s Walnut

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